I was born in Bochum, Germany.
After my commercial qualification and a language study, i worked for the costume department at the musical Starlight Express Bochum / London.
There I got in contact and fell in love with the costume, musician and fashion scene.

To discover and refine my ambitions, i made several apprenticeships and assisted established stylists in Düsseldorf before i started my career as a freelance stylist and producer 1996.
Since 1998 i live in Hamburg and travelled to productions in the USA, South Africa, Thailand, Indonesia and Spain with fashion and advertising customers.

I work with a deep passion and engagement for this industry and find my inspirations in art, music, and nature.

Andrea Kadler
Lutterothstr. 67
D-20255 Hamburg
Mob. +49-172 5333 192

© 2018 Andrea Kadler.
All Rights reserved.
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